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Streamline recurring processes

Finisher for Slack lets you design and enforce clearly defined workflows to facilitate more effective and transparent team collaboration

How Finisher Helps Your Team

Bring Order

...to complex and repetitive tasks involving any number of people


...your workflow from beginning to end to keep everybody on the same page

Cut Human Error

...by clearly defining who does what and when

Share Progress

...to your workflows with customers or other external stakeholders

Reduce Idle Time

...between tasks. Users get notified when preceding tasks get completed

Keep Record

...of who did what and when with our detailed logs

Finisher has been an integral part of our production process for over a year now. We love it and plan to continue using it moving forward.
Nick Geddes
Project Manager, Dynamic Attractions

Customer Use-Cases

Order Processing

Make sure no steps get skipped when processing orders for your customers. Define a clear workflow for order processing from receiving the order to invoicing the customer.

Software Deployment

Deploying code isn't merely an engineering task. Customer support, marketing and sales would usually get involved as well. Orchestrate cross-team collaboration with Finisher.


Each manufacturing process consists of a series of steps. From ordering raw materials, to assembly, to shipping the product to the customer. Manage these steps with Finisher and get a bird's eye view into where in the process you are currently at.


From initial phone screening, to multiple rounds of in-person or phone interviews, to preparing and sending a job offer, to signing a contract. Finisher helps you stay organized and have a bird's eye view into the recruiting process.

How It Works


Create a workflow template reflecting your process

Create a workflow template using intuitive drag and drop interface that reflects your team's process. Define task assignees, notifications, output of tasks, branching rules and more.


Start the workflow

Start the workflow from previously created template. The workflow can be edited after it has been started should you need to make adjustments like adding, removing or updating tasks or assignees.


Collaborate on the workflow

Team members get notified when tasks leading up to their task get completed. The workflow visually updates to keep everybody on the same page.


Define branching conditions based on task
output or custom workflow variables

Task 2Task 3Yes/No?

Comprehensive Notifications

Scheduling and Triggers

Detailed Logs

...and more

Demo Workflow

Take a look at a demo workflow