Organize tasks
into streamlined workflows and checklists in Slack

Finisher for Slack lets you design custom workflows and team checklists to facilitate more effective team collaboration.

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How it works

Design Slack workflow
1. Define a workflow template

Anybody on your team can define a workflow template, and assign user(s) to its tasks.

Starting Slack workflow
2. Start the workflow

Anybody on your team can start a workflow either from Slack or web based on previously created workflow template.

Collaborate on the Slack workflow
3. Collaborate on the workflow

Task assignees get Slack notifications when previous task is completed.

How is Finisher helpful?

Bring order

to complex and repetitive tasks involving any number of people.


the workflow from beginning to end to keep everybody on the same page.

Cut human error

by clearly defining who does what and when.

Reduce idle time

between tasks. Users get notified when preceding task gets completed.

Keep record

of who did what and when.

Use Cases

Design your own workflows similar to these

Slack native

When previous task in the workflow gets completed,

you get notified on Slack and asked to work on your task

Slack workflow notifications
Slash commands

You can interact with your templates and workflows using the following slash commands

Finisher slash commands

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